Very yummy eggs, with
an orange yolk

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The best hens

We buy our hens when they are just chicks from local breeders and then raise them on site with care. We provide them with all natural locally sourced feed. They are also able to free range on our chicken pastures as well.

farm fresh eggs

Our hens produce some of the best tasting eggs around...Why? Because Hunter rasies his hen flock with care. Making sure that the birds are always comfortable and providing them with plenty of space and fresh air on our outdoor range.

our farm

Our farm located in Jefferson County provides a quite, relaxing home for our hens to lay their eggs. We have a store location where you can buy our eggs in Lake Mills. It is self serve and located at W6908 Highway B Lake Mills , Wi 53551

What our customers say

We love these eggs! They are great tasting and work great for baking!

Mike & Betty

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